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The Core Team



A skilled event and logistics coordinator, Mel oversees communications with participants & vendors, ensuring that the participant's experience is always on our radar.



Tiravan has led regional teams at Google, Youtube & Facebook, on social media & marketing aspects.  She leads PR of TSS.



Event & brand consultancy agency founder, Caryn serves as Head of Global Operations and GM for Amber Lounge, a leader in luxury events worldwide.  Her repertoire of local events led, include Zoukout & The Ship.​​​



An avid shopper and relationship builder, Clara is a familiar face among many brand owners in Singapore. She is TSS' community leader.



Owner of multiple entities & brands, including TSS's anchor sponsor - Lechelle Petite - Michelle is the creative director and works on the aesthetic & marketing direction of TSS across all areas.

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Brand owner of Talia, Germaine takes charge of the organisational and physical experiences of the showcase.

A Gathering of Creators

We are a cluster of creative-driven, small quality production enterprises that are purposed to contribute colour into the fashion, aesthetics and lifestyle arena in Singapore. Each of us brings expertise in our respective focuses - spanning beauty, fabrics, jewels and lifestyle experiences. We do not believe in generic mass-produced fast fashion. Our brands are boutique and artisan-focused, with great care and thought put into small-production using only the finest features and ingredients.


We are coming together during this semi-private showcase to celebrate each other's work & unique points of view, styles and aesthetics.

It is also an opportunity for collaboration between artists and brands. This gives you, our treasured clientele, the chance to discover truly distinctive & useful quality creations during this once-a-season event.


Each creation is unique, high-quality & one-of-a-kind for you to build into you own personal signature aesthetic/lifestyle, & for your enjoyment. Every thoughtful creation showcased will also make great gifts for loved ones to share the joy.


Beyond style, keep abreast with the latest skin-focused services, curated by Doctors and passionate beauty advocates from Singapore & the region, as well as enjoy specially created offerings from various F&B and lifestyle partners. 



World, welcome to Singapore.

We welcome our two international guest artists and designers joining us from Bangkok and Taiwan in this intimate October edition.


Offerings will feature one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces that are a result of collaborations between local and these regional brands. Some of these designs have been spotted by British Vogue and will be presented in New York this year. 

The TSF team will tap on more of our connections with artists and labels across the globe to produce collaboration work & to join us at our curated fairs, here in sunny Singapore.



What is a lifestyle shopping event experience without some happy juice?

If cocktails or mocktails are your cup-of-tea (without the tea) then we have Bar Nikai curating delicious drinks .


The art of mixing up a good cocktail is equivalent to alchemy once you appreciate the level of thought and process that goes into building flavours into every drink. 

If fashionable day-drinking isn't quite your style, then our cafe F&B partners will be happy to brew you up a cup of coffee to keep you sharp on your treasure hunt at the fair. 


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