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The Somerset Showcase
10-12th May 2024





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Dear Vendor,

Thank you for your desire to build this community with us. We are a small team of friends and this showcase in May would be our second showing. We are excited to work with new brands and faces. We are looking forward to meeting you and we hope you enjoy the event as much as we did at the last edition.


As we grow, we hope that the community remains respectful and that we can work together to create the best experience for all of us brand owners & our shared pool of clients.


We treasure consideration and great relationships, and hope to preserve that with you. 

Wishing you a fruitful year ahead, 

The Somerset Showcase Team

(Core Team: Michelle, Tiravan, Clara, Mel & Germaine)

Key Event Details

Location Taste Orchard/ Orchard Point 


Level 4 (limited access at the moment -- only organisers and building managers have access]

The escalators to the floor will be activated for the entire duration of the event. 

Venue amenitites:

*Direct access to mall carparks on the same level

*Newly renovated toilets on the same level

*Directly opposite Somerset MRT

The event venue will be split into three zones:

1. Retail Brands
2. Lifestyle Brands

3. Handmade & artist booths

*Associated rental rates can be found in our agreement page. Only shortlisted brands will have access to this information.  

*Entry is free for this event

Dates & Times 


Thursday 9th May

6pm -10pm Set-up for anchor brands (list to be advised)

Friday 10th May

9am - 4pm Set-up for vendors

5.30pm - 9pm Friends, Family & Media preview 

7.30pm-9.30pm Optional*


10pm Mall closure

Saturday 11th May


9am  Vendor start time

10.30am  Event opens

7pm  Event officially closes (optional vendors can operate till 9pm)


No closing of booths before 7pm. To prevent disruption to the look and feel of the event, participants are expected to only begin closing after 7pm.

We sincerely ask that this is respected~ 


10pm Mall closure

Sunday 12th May


9am Vendor start time

10.30am  Event opens

6pm  Event officially closes 

6pm -10pm  Event tear-down, please expect to wait for access lifts

10pm All tear-down must be completed: 


*No teardown before 5.45pm. To prevent disruption to the look and feel of the event, participants are expected to only begin closing after 5.45pm. Please ensure this is respected. 


*Participants are responsible for cleaning up their allocated space at the end of the event. The event ends 6pm on Sunday and handover of the venue will be at 10pm. Please assist to have movers arrive at 6pm for tear down, if necessary.

All of us will do our best to assist one another for a stress free pack down.

*More information on set-up and tear-down time allocations, cargo life access and restrictions will be disseminated in April. 




The organising team will be investing in built structures, beautiful floral arrangements and carpets to direct crowd flow, beautify the space and elevate the shopping experience of our buyers. ​The pathways of the event hall will be carpeted in teal.


​We kindly ask that brands invest time to design and plan their presentation of products for an elevated shopping experience., and to match the overall ambience. It will set our efforts apart from other simple fair experiences and attract clientele with a higher-spend capacity.


For Handmade & Artists:

*It is compulsory for all artists and handmade brands to rent a standardised table with cover from the team at $35.  We will arrange all transport and removals on your behalf. 

*Please ensure that your table set-up is presentable and aesthetically pleasing.

If in doubt, please contact Clara at with pictures of your proposed set-up for advice. Please highlight your brandname in the subject line. 

*We reserve the right to reposition any booth during the event due for event aesthetic purposes, if necessary. 

For Retail Brands:

*Backdrops are not compulsory, but recommended. Please ensure that they are no taller than 2m.

*Personal carpeting for your booth is not compulsory, but recommended.

*Do choose carpet colours that would be a good contrast or complement to our event colours.


Your Space​ & Positioning 

We will do our best to keep everyone's needs in mind. However, we apologise that we are unable to accede to any requests beyond the constraints of the venue and event requirements. 

*Electrical points will be provided near your booths. Some plugs will require sharing. Please bring your own electrical multi-plugs and exercise consideration when sharing between your neighbours. The TSS team will assist with going around to check and tape multi-plugs down with duct tape for safety.

*Vendors are allowed to use LED and battery operated lighting to enhance their set-up.

*Vendors not allowed to use any high-voltage equipment. 

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(2) Brand Map.jpg

Please examples from our last Showcase below:

Retail Brands


Handmade and Artist Booths


Collaborations & Key Vendors


Charity Collaboration


Somerset Showcase will be collaborating with registered women's charity Image Mission.

They are a registered charity in Singapore helping women gain confidence, secure employment and build a better future for themselves and their families. More information can be found on their website.

*Image Mission will provide a one-to-one consultation express colour analysis at $20 per person with every purchase made with vendors. ($30 per pax without purchase)

*Image Mission will also be conducting 1-hour comprehensive group sessions to educate on Colours & Body Shape at $80 per pax.


*Vendors are encouraged to pledge or collaborate with Image Mission to raise funds for charity, e.g., Lechelle Petite has pledged all sales of a specially designed brooch to the charity.  Tickets to the "Colours & Body Shape" sessions will be at $60 with every purchase of these brooches. 


All proceeds go to charity.



If you are keen to pledge or collaborate with Image Mission for the event, please email us at

Current collaborations

1. Lechelle Petite: 100% Brooch sales donations

2. The Aesthetics Medical Clinic x Arly Co:  nett proceeds of tickets go to Image Mission

3. Pao Pao the label - purchase of every suited jacket, percentage goes to Image Mission

Contact Us


Vendor Support

General Enquiries & Logistics 

Payments & Receipts

Attn to Michelle

Charity Collaborations & Marketing

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